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Who is Irena?



I am Irena Škoda (pronounced Erehnah Shkoda). I design and develop buildings through smart eco-logical approaches that promote transformational living for our century.

I love design that…

Looks great and you love to experience
Gives market value to your property
Contributes to the greater good

Out of all the blogs out there, why should you care about reading mine?

1. Design is an investment. Today there is a higher demand for design that is high quality and energy efficient.
2. Learn in simple terms what it means to build sustainable structures, what exactly is smart home technology, and why the right architecture should matter to you.
3. My goal for this blog is to inspire you to be connected with your living and working environment, beyond functionalism and aesthetics.

I have three children who are my raving fans and it is because of their future, and the future of the generations we will leave behind that design is becoming more important today, for every project and regardless of its size.

Irena’s Professional Background

Irena Škoda is a creative, benefit driven, results-oriented sustainable design architect whose architectural career has spanned over twenty years. She is currently CEO and founder of Skoda Design + Architecture, PLLC based in Queens & New York City and helps conscious individuals, small and mid-sized real estate development company’s gain brand recognition through meaningful design.