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We redesign living from the inside out…for smarter, healthier and more comfortable designs that become sought after because they add value to those who have carefully chosen us to be their architectural designers.


We stand behind technology that streamlines design and construction to give our clients better benefits. Throwing out the terms integrative design approach is too easy where the magic happens is with the assembly of the team that collectively figures out the project together. We promote Team success and welcome our unique strategies for better and more successful building projects.




Our approach guides the design, construction and the operation of buildings and communities to a greater contribution in health and well being of occupants and more quality living.  We develop Living Performance TM not only for our clients but also for the end-users of our buildings whose performance within our buildings we want to optimize.


We are forward thinking design architects, more than just architectural planners or client-reps but design-build collaborators that seek the highest building standards in aesthetics, performance and profits for our clients.  Our designs aim to drive investment opportunities and create successful projects that are sought after for their value.  Performance is the new Luxury in residential building design that goes beyond standard and we create it through our thoughtful redefinition of the design process, modern space, while being energy efficient and enhancing the 21st century living lifestyle.


When a business works and thinks strategically, every decision arises from core beliefs and principles. Following the trends or even accessing the market without connecting to the customer or client is not good business. In practice, architecture is just that, a practice, and getting really good at it takes distinction, a foundation of core principles and a culture that creates the change we want to see in the world…this is the SKODA motto.

The people who use the buildings are just as important as the clients we serve, if not more so because they become our clients successes that lead to a greater demand for their project brands.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary zoning feasibility studies
  • Complete building design & 3D visualizations
  • Interior design
  • Construction documentation
  • Project management
  • Creative design innovation
  • Sustainable high-performing architecture

The firm is lead by Irena Škoda who has guided the design effort for over 25 projects in NYC. Her understanding of design, construction and planning gives Ms. Škoda the insight that appeals to users and create designs that are in sync with their project goals for beautiful and transcending design architecture.

Irena is a Registered Architect in New York State, New Jersey, NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer, a LEED B+C Accredited Professional and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA). As Vice President and Founder of the Designers & Builders Alliance of Long Island, Irena is promoting and bringing the trades together for worthy causes by highlight great design and collaboration within the AEC industry to bring more meaning for today’s modern 21st lifestyle.