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The Designers + Builders Alliance of Long Island hosts a four-part “Alliance Talks” series addressing the needs of homeowners as related to home-design and industry trades for streamlined renovations and new constructions.

The opportunities are boundless with the highest ROI of any networking event you will attend. These ‘conversations’ will include a varied panel of Alliance members and outside experts as well as noted guest speakers. Here’s your opportunity to co-mingle with top industry professionals, learn valuable insights and share your own ideas directly with the PROs.

2 Lambert Street, Roslyn Heights NY 11577
6:00 – 8:30 pm
Tickets: $25 Advance: $35 at the Door: Members Free


OCCURED: Monday, July 13th – Home Trends & Going Beyond Them

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Moderated by Irena Škoda, ŠKODA Design + Architecture, PLLC
(VP of Designers + Builders Alliance of L.I.)

Architecture and interior design trends are happening all around us, but which ones are timeless? Which ones will become dated? We will discuss what makes a trend vs. a timeless design statement, what the public has their eyes on and how the industry is surpassing their needs beyond fads.

TJ Costello, Hierarchy Architecture
Barbara Dixon, Founding Editor-in-Chief, Elle Décor
Harris Cohen, Country Carpet and Rug
Keith Mazzei, Keith Mazzei Interiors
Denis Sheahan Sr., House Magazine

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October 19th –

Winning Collaborations within the Design + Build World

Collaboration happens in many ways and on many levels for designers, architects, builders and various industry trades. Some aspects are obvious, others are not. What defines the new age of the collaboration, its process and how it will help make projects into masterpieces with fewer hassles on the drawing boards and during construction? How can homeowners benefit from streamlined technology and how can this play a vital role for visualization of the complexities between the disciplines, the homeowner and their budget.
Panel: Stay Tuned

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Date TBD – Embracing Sustainability for Better Living With Design


As modern building science draws its knowledge from the sciences and nature, the way we experience Sustainability as well as human interrelationships in our build environment is quickly evolving. A holistic systems design approach for higher performance is becoming the means to achieve new forms of architectural expression and an opportunity to increase the quality of life. How does sustainable design equate with a long term and short term strategy and its advantages. How does sustainable design re-defining the real estate industry, its ROI and the design choices that benefit homeowners and real estate developers the most.
Panel: Stay Tuned

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DATE TBD – Next Generation Fabrication and Manufacturing


The ability to produce better sustainable products using faster speed to market, less labor, higher quality and at a lower costs are seen in all aspects of design from furniture to mass produced housing. We will reflect on how this is changing our economy, the level of quality that homeowners can expect and how does it benefit them?
Panel: Stay Tuned




All proceeds from Alliance Talks will benefit the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch in Riverhead, NY, turning around the lives of troubled teens on Long Island. The donations are made via Renovation Angel, recycling luxury to protect the earth and support charities.