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Why Should You Care about Sustainable Design Architecture?

Your future identity and sustainability

Many of us think in terms of the present– what’s for right now and today. Yet so much of what we design and build {which you pay for} needs to look into the future. It must meet yourGlobeneeds, resilience and benefit long term. You probably know you should be working with a design Architect when you hear that well-thought design helps with your return on investment, but why?

You probably should be working with a Design Architect if…

  • You know there are things you don’t quite understand that are crucial to making an important decision for the long-term benefit of your project.
  • You know that your future best interests are at stake and the right professional will give you a project that will in the end be successful and one of your proudest achievements you have ever accomplished.
  • You care about balance– within yourself, with others, and with the planet
  • Design matters to you.

If design does not matter to you, then leave right now. No hard feelings.

But if you are listening still then I want to tell you design has the ability to give you the life and workspace you absolutely love, it has the ability to give more meaning to your renovation, and give meaning to your new construction or simply your health. It has the ability to be of impact, to be an example to others and even on those who live and work in the architecture you create and yes even an impact on future generations.

Why should you care about your future identity with your project?  

If you build for 50 years, you will have wasted your money. However, if you build with performance, you can build a structure that lasts for 100 to 150 or even longer and has intrinsic value. Does this have to necessarily cost more? Not with the right approach. A structure that remains is reassurance that what you did and the effort you took had meaning.

Design is more meaningful today than it has ever been. It will continue to be even more meaningful as we connect the sciences to design and even biomimicry. With the growing technologies of sustainability, technology, our fast and changing internet connected world, we need to make what we do last…

  • Last for our future
  • Last for the present
  • Last because it is the right thing to do

Can you see yourself living in a sustainably designed beautiful space and environment? One that allows you to function at your best? One that gives you peace, tranquility, enjoyment every time you step into that living space? One that starts with your vision, your belief and your action? Your vision for that ideal living world will speak of you when people enter it. And through that space you actually contribute to a greater good because you are net zero or net positive because you live in a passive or sustainable home or building.

Many times we might think our motivation is strictly money when it comes to real estate but it could be freedom, or the ability to give people shelter, security, etc. But even beyond this, it comes down to happiness and well being.


Sustainability is about smart choices for the well being of our planet and the population.

We have seen the importance of connection with all life forms, nature and the planet. We have today the possibility of connecting globally with whomever we want and in any country literally in seconds either with an email or social media. How do we encourage happiness and well being for a deeper connection with our footprint when everything that is spoken about is doom and gloom stories of our climate or depletion of our natural resources? This is such a large overwhelming burden for any single individual to take or a company.

So how do we do it?

Did you know that the alpha state brain waves, which is the state of deep relaxation often reached by meditation, is 7.83 Hz. The planet also has a magnetic frequency of 7.83 Hz. This is known as Schumann Resonance. This is proof that man’s connection to living forms and the planet are necessary for balance. Just like our own well being and happiness,  having a balanced live-work environment is important to our need for balance with the Universe. Whether you believe it or not, there are higher frequencies both in our own development and of living nature around us that science still has yet to learn about.

We need to humanize the metrics and bring sustainability to a humanized scale. Then add reward and savings to those metrics as a positive incentive to move even faster. The humanized scale is subjective. For governments it may mean one thing, for people another and for companies yet another. This is where encouragement plays a big role. How encouraged you are will depend on your metric level.

When sustainability is humanized through choice and motivation, we have no reasons not to reach any challenge. We do not humanize sustainability with features as related to water, air, etc.. We humanize it because it makes us feel good and the choice of feeling good versus the alternatives are always the easiest choices to make.

The thing you are moving towards, a goal, a challenge and opportunity– do you see yourself clearly living sustainably in the future? What does that mean? Can you see it – if you don’t, you are not committed and won’t take action…if you say that is not for me, then you are not emotionally connected to that identity. Paint the picture of this future identity and surroundings, and why it should be part of you. It will help you reach your clear identity and how you live.

If we learn from nature; it does not make anything it doesn’t need and it makes things with genius.

What is your life system design? What are the questions you should be asking yourself now and in the next ten years from now?