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Year in Review


This past September we celebrated our 7th Anniversary of  Škoda Design + Architecture and so at the end of this year we thought we’d take look back and share with you some projects that were inspiring and instrumental in where we are today. We have not shown all of them just the ones that left a lasting impression.

Škoda Design started as a home office, one-person shop with Irena Škoda back in 2007. The firm has grown into a  team of five qualified, energetic, self-driven professionals working in our Midtown Manhattan office base.  From our humble beginnings to taking on high profile penthouses and luxury retail spaces, we’ve found as a result that we are now a team really clear on the value we provide to our clients, what we do and what differentiates us as design architects. We adhere to a new “standard” for High Performance Architecture and one that merges technology and design for more comfortable living.

The purpose of technology is to make our lives more comfortable hence sustainable. Without technology sustainability can not exist.  True sustainability will exist with each individuals personal effortless responsibility and awareness – that’s when it will truly matter enough to become the norm.   ~  Irena Škoda, Architect

Starting small and considering the continuously stunted economy and the nearly non-existent new housing market we’ve faced the past years, to working on standard additions and home renovations has made Irena even more conscious about the importance of creating architecture that bridges the gap with our 21st century lifestyle and our built environment.

The home renovations ranged from 1,300 to 6,000 square feet renovations to high end interiors.  The firm assisted clients on several home renovations after Hurricane Sandy.  Fortunately finding this enough to sustain the architecture design firm, Irena found the time to do further independent work on dream projects, and even expand her mission and vision for a better built world focused on greater comfortable, functionality, beauty and smart affordability.

Staying active in the innovative field of design, the High Line Eco Tower, a design competition entry, encapsulates all we envision for the future of urban residential. The competition aimed to bring forth the advantages of steel structures with modular construction for high density living with affordability. Some of the main design concepts featured a new typology for a 40 story tower, the layout of apartment units in relation to maximized space, flexibility, affordability and market value.

The exterior skin incorporated energy efficient design through adaptable enclosures and passive design concepts.  The design also incorporated first-in-class carbon-negative building services that will surpass the most stringent building standards available today. The project aimed to be a showcase in residential multi family high rise design and construction for resiliency and sustainability for 21st century world class cities exhibiting state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs for buildings.

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